The mixed choir “Pražští pěvci” (The Prague Singers) was founded in February 1992 and conducted ever since by Stanislav Mistr. Prague Singers are a mixed choir of on usual 16 members, but it is able to perform as a smaller or larger choir up to 60 members. Under leadership of Stanislav Mistr the choir engages in intensive vocal practice, continuously expanding the dynamical and expressive possibilities of its chamber choir disposition.

The choir specializes in contemporary classical music and prepares world premieres of new compositions, some of which are recorded and broadcast by the Czech Radio.

Over the years of our existence, we have won numerous prizes in choir competitions both home and abroad (see Competitions). Our biggest success, nevertheless, came with the 2002 International Choir Festival of Jersey, where the Prague Singers won both the Mixed Choir Category and the distinction Choir of Choirs Final, apart from being specially awarded for the best piece sung on the big final night.

The Prague Singers have performed several times at the Prague Autumn International Music Festival: in 2005 in Gustav Holst's The Planets and in 2004 the choir twice performed Paco Pena's flamenco Requiem For The Earth, with the maestro himself and his flamenco ensemble.

Rather than being a repertory choir, we are preparing each concert individually with a different programme set up to an order or upon our own inspiration. We especially like larger, preferably full-length compositions. Any of our previously carried out projects (see below) can be realized again upon request.

Atrium Rybovka - 20.12.2009